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Springfield, IL Reviews

I am satisfied with this premium compared to other insurance companies because it offers me more discounts. It offers me some discounts based on my driving history and affiliation with a professional organization.

Hartford, CT Reviews

State Farm
I appreciate the bundle and save option so the premium is reasonable and better than others.

Westminster, CO Reviews

Liberty Mutual
I switch around to avoid rising premiums. The premium at first was much cheaper than my previous carrier, by about $60 per month. But since switching, in my second year of being on their insurance, it has risen by $30 a month. I currently pay $130 per month. I may switch after this six month period.

Rock Hill, SC Reviews

State Farm
The premium cost is much lower compared to other companies. I've spoken with colleagues and family members who pay almost double what I do or significantly more.

Homestead, FL Reviews

It's the least expensive I've found for the same, or better, liability coverage. I'm happy with it because I get a discount for paying six months at a time online.

Lynn, MA Reviews

I had a different company for about 6 years, I always checked to see if I was getting the best rate. I checked in the spring and found a better rate. I switched to Gieco for the better rate. Hopefully their rate will stay low and not jump when I go to resign.

Tucson, AZ Reviews

We switched to this company when we moved to the Virgin Islands. We were pleasantly surprised when the premium was significantly lower than we had previously been paying with better coverage.

Covington, KY Reviews

State Farm
I think it is kind of high. But compared to quotes I got from other places it was considerably lower. So I guess it is good. But still I think it could be a little cheaper.

Reno, NV Reviews

State Farm
From the providers that I compared, my insurance company offers the lowest premium locally by a good measure.

Parker, CO Reviews

We ran quote against others and found USAA to be cheapest with the amoun tof coverage offered, just in case.

Bridgeport, CT Reviews

Every 6 months i check rates fro one company to another and find that geico is always the best rate I have never had a surprise with their rates

San Bernardino, CA Reviews

progressive has been a gem of acompany to work with, and lowers my premium on occassion. Thet have been a great company to work with and are always there to serve us.

Carrollton, TX Reviews

The premiums cost more through different companies which are all higher. A lot higher in price

Fort Wayne, IN Reviews

I have shopped around trying to find the same limits of protection with a $250 deductible and AAA is by far the lowest in price. Their Customer service is also wonderful.

Plano, TX Reviews

My premium has gone up a lot in the past two years. This is probably for a good reason, but I wish it were lower. I haven't recently compared it to other companies

Lawrence, IN Reviews

Other insurance companies quoted me anywhere from $250 to $400 per month with the same exact coverage. I am paying $127 a month with Geico.

Macon, GA Reviews

Everything has been very positive. There has been no negative incidents. It has been great.

Henderson, NV Reviews

My premium is the lowest one for the coverage I have, But it keeps going up every term limit.

Portage, IN Reviews

I have not felt the need to look at other providers as I am satisfied with my premium to the point I have not felt the need to shop around. There might be better deals out there, but I have been with Allstate for a long time and feel very comfortable with them.

Rochester, NY Reviews

All State is a good insurance company. They are better than other companies because it's cheaper and you get the same coverage. I switches from Farmer's to All State and saved almost $500 a year.