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The insurance cost of driving drunk in Minnesota

Auto insurance costs are neither very high, nor very low in Minnesota. At $1432, Minnesota’s average annual insurance rate is merely $64 below the national average, $1496. However, these rates can be gravely affected by drunk driving charges on your driving record.

In Minnesota, driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a serious offense, and can result in fines as well as jail time. The fourth DWI on your record will cost you your driver’s license, and the fourth DWI within a 10 year period will be considered a felony. In addition to these legal repercussions, your insurance carrier will increase your premium from $1432 to $2664 in Minnesota. In Minneapolis, your insurance rate will increase from $1376 to $2559.

St. Cloud is the most affordable auto insurance zip code in Minnesota. The average annual insurance rate in St. Cloud is $956. However, a DWI in St. Cloud will increase ...

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4-door small more expensive than very large 4-doors to buy collision cover for

When it comes time to buying or renewing auto insurance, doing the appropriate research might help you save money. A September 2013 study released by the Highway Loss Data Institute makes for interesting reading in this regard. The study allocated relative scores to cars of all classes and sizes concerning parameters that affect damage susceptibility ratings of cars. These factors are taken into account when insurers determine insurance premium rates. They scored cars based on relative claim frequency, relative claim severity and relative claim loss (average payment made by the insurer per claim). A score of 100 represents the average relative figure whereas scores less than 100 are considered better than average.

In the study, 4-door small cars received a relative claim frequency score of 109 and a relative claim loss score of 110. In both measures, 4-door small cars had worse than average score giving them a worse than ...

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The cars with the least insurance costs in Oregon

Auto insurance is mandatory in the state of Oregon, and Oregon is one of the states that is well-known for strict enforcement of auto insurance laws. The annual average auto insurance rate in Oregon is $1387, which is $115 below the national average. Eugene and Lincoln are among the less expensive auto insurance neighborhoods, with average insurance rates of $924 and $996, respectively. Virginia Beach has a slightly higher rate, at $1105.

Most cars have low insurance rates in Eugene and Lincoln. A used Toyota Corolla, for example, is available for a median price of $15,995 in Eugene, and the cost to insure it for a year is a mere $789. Considering both the purchase costs and insurance rates, this is the most affordable car in Oregon.

A used Ford F-Series has a lower insurance rate in Eugene, at $774. However, its median price is $30,998. To out ...

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Drunk driving – drives up insurance premiums more than accidents do

Auto insurance is mandatory in Idaho. Upon registration of your vehicle you are required sign a statement that it is insured. You are also required to carry proof of insurance whenever you’re driving. Idaho is one of the cheapest states in terms of auto insurance. As of December 2013, it costs an average of $969 to insure your vehicle in Idaho. However, if you live Boise you can expect to pay, on average, as little as $812.

It is common knowledge that accidents increase your insurance premiums when it comes time to renew your policy. For instance, if you live in Boise, your premium will go up from $812 to $1000 after your first accident, as of December 2013. A second accident will drive up your premium payment to $1492. If you thought that was a steep rise in insurance costs, consider the cost of drunk driving.

In Idaho ...

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Insurance rates of the GMC Acadia in different states

If you are looking for a full-size car, the GMC Acadia is a great option. This full-size 4-door crossover SUV was launched by General Motors in 2006, and has been a customer favorite since then.

If you are considering a used Acadia, you should know that it is available for a median price of $15,999 in Alaska. In North Dakota, on the other hand, it would be available for a median price of $ 40,990. But since you can get it shipped from Alaska, you don’t necessarily have to pay more than $40,000 for a car that can be bought for much less than that. You have the option of buying it from another state, and having it shipped to your home. Even if you add shipping costs and auto transport insurance to the median price of the vehicle, you could still save a considerable amount on ...

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Honda Fit: purchase and insurance costs in the different states

One of the best subcompact cars in the market, the Honda Fit is a customer favorite as well as a reviewer favorite. It has been in the market since 2001. It is now in its second generation. It is now available as a hybrid or all-electric 5-door hatchback.

In the used car market, the Fit is available for extremely affordable prices. The median price of the Fit is as low as $11,000 in Louisiana, though the insurance costs here are high. The average annual insurance rate for the Fit in this state is $2327, i.e. 21% of the median price.

In the states of Hawaii and Nebraska, on the other hand, the median price of the Fit is $16,995, and the insurance average is $1362 and $1024, respectively. Even though the median price of the Fit is higher in these states, it is still conducive environment for ...

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