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The best states to buy and insure a Pathfinder

The Nissan Pathfinder, launched in 1986, has gained popularity in recent years as an affordable midsize SUV. The Pathfinder, with its enhanced exteriors and numerous facelifts, is also an extremely coveted car in the used car market. When you are buying a used Pathfinder, you have to also factor in the insurance costs, which could account for a significant percentage of your overall costs. In this feature, we will examine the insurance costs of the used Pathfinder across the states, and compare them to the median price of the car to list the best states to insure a Pathfinder.

On an average, the United States spends $1,264 every year to insure a used Nissan Pathfinder. The data collected for the years 2005-2012 shows that as of November 2013, Maine is the state in which insuring the Pathfinder costs the least. With a median price of $21,699, and average ...

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$549 for collision coverage on a Nissan Maxima

If you are involved in an accident that causes physical damage to your vehicle, having collision coverage will be very useful as the cost of repairs is usually much higher. Insurance companies look at several factors when determining your premium rate. Your age, previous driving record and miles driven are some of the factors looked at. The type of vehicle you drive plays a major part in determining the rate. If you are in the market for collision coverage, insurers will pay close attention to the damage susceptibility of your vehicle to determine the rate.

The Highway Loss Data Institute released a study in September 2013 in which they assessed the damage susceptibility of vehicles of all classes and sizes. They allocated scores for relative claim frequency and relative claim loss (average payment made by the insurer per claim), two of the main measures that insurers assess in calculating rates ...

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The best states to buy and insure a used Ford Fusion

When you are buying a used car, you have to add the cost of the first year’s insurance to the price of the car. The total cost of the car is, thus, the price of the car, and the cost of insuring it for a year. It is always best to know the average rates of insurance of the car you are coveting before you take the leap.

If the Ford Fusion has been the object of your desire, you should know which state has the best Ford Fusion deals before you decide on one. In South Carolina, for example, you can buy a used Ford Fusion for the median price of $15,850. The median price of a used Ford Fusion ranges from $15,850 (its price in South Carolina) to $18,995 (its median price in Alaska).

The table below lists the cheapest states to buy the ...

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Mercedes C350: Rates you should know before investing

The Mercedes Benz C-Class is the line of compact executive cars from Mercedes. This is one of the best selling models from Mercedes, and the compact executive car segment has many more takers compared with the other segments. In the executive car segment, the C-350 is the preferred choice, due to its quality, comfort, style and advanced technology.

The Mercedes C-350 is one of the least expensive Mercedes models to insure. Out of 26 models, it is the 4th least expensive Mercedes model to insure. There is a huge difference between the insurance rates of the C-350 in the various states of the country.

Consider the following table. It shows the states with the highest and lowest insurance rates for the Mercedes C-350. 

State Annual Average Insurance Rate ($)
District of Columbia $3,599
Georgia $3,519
Michigan $3,148
Florida $1,769
Iowa $1,218
New Mexico ...

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In Texas, buying a Honda CR-V in Arlington and Fort Worth, instead of Dallas or Plano can save up to $5,000!

The Honda CR-V has had a long-standing tradition of being extremely good value for money while providing a great alternative to mid-sized sedans or SUVs. It is also highly recommended as a great choice for a used small crossover SUV.

In this feature, we see why it is important to compare the median price of the car and how it affects the insurance in the long run. Let us consider the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex area, consisting of Dallas–Plano–Irving and Fort Worth–Arlington.

City Make Model Year Range Insurance Average ($) Insurance %
Dallas Honda CR-V 2005 - 2012 1,176 5
Fort Worth Honda CR-V 2005 - 2012 1,015 5
Arlington Honda CR-V 2005 - 2012 1,042 5
Plano Honda CR-V 2005 - 2012 966 4

Taking a look at the above table, it is easy to conclude that Plano with its lowest insurance percentage is the best bet for buying ...

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The most affordable car and its insurance in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania, being the 6th most populous state in the United States and the 9th most densely populated state, has an average auto insurance rate of $1604, which is higher than that of 32 other states.  The average annual auto insurance rate in Philadelphia is as high as $2199, while that of Erie and Pittsburgh are $1136 and $1148, respectively.

In such a state, where auto insurance can amount to up to 12% of your expenses, which used car should you prefer to minimize this part of your expenditure? Which is the most affordable car you could buy in Pennsylvania, including its insurance costs?

City Make Model Insurance Average ($) Median Price ($) Insurance Percentage (%)
Philadelphia Chevrolet Silverado 1,902 24,696 7
Pittsburgh Chevrolet Silverado 993 28,999 3
Erie Ford F-Series 1,010 19,985 5
Pittsburgh Ford F-Series 1,021 31,995 3
Erie Honda Accord 1,150 ...

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