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Fort-Worth, TX Reviews

State Auto
I have only had to deal with them one time. The call was answered promptly and courteously. I was connected to the right person and was given great advice on how to deal with my claim.

Garden-Grove, CA Reviews

Metromile Auto Insurance
I didn't like the payment method as they don't allow payments by credit card and only ACH payments so I need to ensure I have money in my a/c

Houston, TX Reviews

Farm Bureau
So far there has been little to upset me. There were some initial communication issues but nothing too severe. Over all I can't complain.

Orlando, FL Reviews

21st Century Auto Insurance
I really like the way you operate your measures and manage the necessary and required actions, as their result is always an optimal development and completion of the needs that the client may have in addition to its rapid response

Charlotte, NC Reviews

I feel as though my premium is very good for what I have on my vehicle. I feel that compared to other companies it is actually low being that it is full coverage.

Yakima, WA Reviews

Farmer's Insurance

Atlanta, GA Reviews

What I like about this company is how friendly, and willing they are to go above and beyond to give me the best experience and most bang for my buck. I'm really happy that I changed insurances.

Baltimore, MD Reviews

Amica Mutual Insurance
I haven't had any claims since I have had this company, over 6 years now, yet my rate seems to always increase slightly, I am not sure if other companies have the same thing happen, but it is frustrating to see the rate go up.

Austin, TX Reviews

It may be a little higher than other insurance companies but it is worth the price because it is quality and their service is great.

Portland, OR Reviews

The only thing I don't like about the company is I can't bundle my home owner's insurance with it. Progressive will insure my car, but not the pit bull that lives in my home. i'm missing a big savings.

San-Bernardino, CA Reviews

it is an online based company which suits my needs. i like their offerings and prices. they have great customer service.

Columbus, OH Reviews

The Hartford
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San-Jose, CA Reviews

Safeco Insurance
I am completely satisfied with the customer service support at travellers. I have never had to wait on the phone. They have helped me figure things out right away.

Thousand-Oaks, CA Reviews

Farm Bureau
My company's auto policies offer similar or better coverage than other insurance providers, often for significantly lower premiums. The only item I've found where the coverage is not is rich is medical payments/liability coverage.

Philadelphia, PA Reviews

My company has a local office and a website. I like that they have a local office because they can help you with any of your needs, and they do it quickly and promptly. Websites are great, but I like talking to real people.

Las-Vegas, NV Reviews

Encompass Insurance
Am satisfied with my car insurance it's a 5, they cover accidents, they have the road side assistance, they cover natural disaster such as hail damage, flood.

San-Antonio, TX Reviews

National General
Overall, the customer support is adequate. I wish that they had a live chat option on the website instead of just options to call (and wait on hold) or email them and sometimes wait too long for a response.

Plano, TX Reviews

I have not had any bad experiences while with USAA. I've had some technical issues online, but when I call support they always fix my issue nearly immediately and are very competent.

Waterbury, CT Reviews

What I dislike about my insurance company is that I pretty much pay a lot of money because they raise my price every six months for no apparent reason.

Huntington-Beach, CA Reviews

Mapfre Insurance
I wish that there were better ways to be able to view my policy documents in PDF or other downloadable format on their website. I also wish that they would implement a better FAQ so that I don't have to contact support for simple questions.