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The three best states to buy and insure a Porsche Cayenne

Insuring a used Porsche Cayenne can be an expensive business, especially if you live in Michigan, Louisiana, or Georgia. In Michigan and Louisiana, insurance alone can cost you up to $3,000. The average cost of insuring it in South Dakota is $1953, which is a whopping 13% of the median price of the car. In Michigan, too insuring the Cayenne will cost you an average of $ 2727 per year, which is 14% of the median price.

The United States spends, on an average, $1856 to insure a used Cayenne on an annual basis. This is not very high, considering that the Cayenne is a luxury car. There are some states where you can buy and insure a used Porsche Cayenne without the cost of insurance burning a hole in your pocket.

If we consider insurance costs as well as the price of the car, the three best states to ...

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The best and worst states to insure a used Volvo C30

The Volvo C30 has been in the American markets since 2006, and is now solely available as a three-door hatchback. Used Volvo C30s are also very popular. Insurance rates for the Volvo C30 range between $906 in Maine to $2484 in Louisiana. On an average, the United States pays $1437 per year to insure a Volvo C30.

In this feature, we will consider the insurance rates and median price of the Volvo C30 across the states. The table below lists the states with the lowest insurance rates.

State Year Range Average Annual Insurance Rate ($) Median Price ($) Percentage of median price spent on insurance ($)
Maine 2005 - 2012 906 25,995 3
Idaho 2005 - 2012 988 25,995 3
North Carolina 2005 - 2012 1,101 22,570 4
Arizona 2005 - 2012 1,102 22,277 4
Virginia 2005 - 2012 1,122 21,489 5
Ohio 2005 - 2012 1,138 18,000 6 ...

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Iowa is your best bet to buy a used Fiat 500

The Fiat 500, a city car is manufactured by the Italian automaker Fiat. It has been in production since the year 2007. According to reports, in 2012, the United States became the largest market for Fiat 500.

In this feature, we will focus on the insurance averages and median prices of a used Fiat 500 in the different states of the United States. Please note that the used cars belong to the year range of 2005–2012.

The lowest insurance among all the states is for North Carolina ($ 947) followed by the state of Iowa ($ 949). The median prices are $ 13100 and $ 12835 for North Carolina and Iowa, respectively. Since there is hardly any difference in the insurance average, customers will benefit if they purchase Fiat 500 from Iowa.

The lowest median price ($ 12568) comes from the state of Wisconsin with an insurance average of $ 1219. Despite the low median ...

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Very Large SUVs have better than average damage susceptibility scores

SUVs has a lower than average damage susceptibility when compared to cars of all sizes and classes. Owing to their size and build, they tend to fare relatively better when involved in a crash with smaller cars. They tend to sustain less damage in minor accidents which enhances their damage susceptibility scores. And good scores mean lower collision coverage premiums.

Very large SUVs are a sub-category of SUV (others categories include small, medium and large SUVs). The Highway Loss Data Institute released a study in September 2013 that compared losses by vehicle class and size groups for 2010-2012 models of cars. They found that the two main factors that determined collision average rates were claim frequency (how often claims are filed) and losses per claim (average payment per claim).

The latter is determined by the extent of damage. For both measures, a score of 100 represents the average. Any score ...

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Auto insurance in Boston

Bostonians enjoyed a brief window of low insurance premiums from 2008 to early 2012, when Massachusetts opened the state to competition. Since early 2012, however, auto insurance rates have been steadily rising. Boston is currently the 44th most expensive city to buy auto insurance in, with an average yearly insurance rate of $1,361. Massachusetts, with an average yearly insurance of $1,625, is the 14th most expensive state to buy insurance in.

In this feature, we will examine the auto insurance rates of the eight most popular cars in the state: Toyota’s Corolla and Camry, Nissan’s Altima, Honda’s CR-V, Civic and, Accord, Ford’s F-Series, and Chevrolet’s Silverado.

The Honda CR-V, one of the most popular compact SUVs from Honda, has an average yearly insurance rate of $1,124 in Boston, which is the lowest among all the cars. The Chevrolet Silverado, on ...

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Collision coverage for 4-door cars costs more than average compared to other cars

Collision coverage and comprehensive coverage are two types of auto insurance that cover physical damage to your vehicle. They are normally purchased in addition to mandatory insurance which usually cover only liability or uninsured motorists depending on the state.

Insurance companies pay close attention to two factors when determining your premium rates for collision coverage: claim frequency and their loss per claim. A low claim frequency means a lower premium rate and the same applies to loss per claim. If you own are 4-door car, or are planning to buy one, here are a few things to keep in mind while purchasing collision coverage for your vehicle.

Only very large 4-door cars have a relative claim frequency of less than the average 100 (where 100 represents the relative claim frequency for cars of all sizes and models). In other words, all 4-door cars, except very large ones, file more claims ...

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