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Connecticut’s auto insurance trends from 1989 to 2010

A November 2013 study by the Consumer Federation of America analyzed insurance trends in the 21 years from 1989 to 2010. This study found that states that had strong insurance regulation had greater success in keeping insurance expenditure lower. Connecticut is a case in point, and here’s why.

If you lived in Connecticut back in 1989, you could expect to pay, on average, $740.02 annually for auto insurance. As of 2010, that number had increased to $965.22 representing a rise of 30.4 percent. To put that in perspective, the countrywide average went up by 43.3 percent to $791.22 in the same 21 year period. This means that the premiums in Connecticut rose at a slower rate than they did in the rest of the country. In fact, Connecticut went from being the 4th most expensive state to buy auto insurance to the 8 ...

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Lincoln MKX: best and worst states to buy and insure

The Lincoln MKX is one of the best choices in the luxury crossover category. It is a mid-size five-seater crossover marketed by Ford’s Lincoln segment. Despite its decent list of standard features, the Lincoln MKX faces strong competition in the market from the giants such as Nissan Pathfinder, Cadillac SRX, and Toyota Highlander.

In case you’re a planning to buy a Lincoln, Minnesota would be a favorable option with the lowest median Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $39,876. The average MSRP for this model is $44305. On the other hand, Washington has the highest median MSRP of $55690 to buy a Lincoln MKX. Of all the luxury SUV cars, the Lincoln MKX is the 14th least expensive car on the list.  This makes it an affordable option for consumers.

The Lincoln MKX is also an affordable car to insure. There are only five other ...

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Accidents and auto insurance in Texas

As of December 2013, the state auto insurance premium stands at an average $1545 in Texas. Being mandatory in Texas, as in most other states, auto insurance is a significant expense in owning and operating a vehicle. While the minimum requirement is to have liability coverage, there are other forms of coverage such as uninsured motorist coverage, comprehensive coverage, etc. that you may consider buying.

When buying insurance, your previous driving record has a big impact on the premium rate that you will end up paying. For instance, even though the average premium rate in Dallas is $1527, you may end up paying $2840 if you have been caught drunk driving. Similarly, accidents will lead to higher premiums. Most insurance companies will raise your premiums when it comes to time to renew your policy if you have had accidents.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that there were ...

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Despite Maine’s low insurance costs, here’s why North Carolina is a better place to buy a Toyota Corolla in the East Coast, and Georgia, the worst

Maine has the reputation of being the state with the lowest insurance premiums in the country. A large rural footprint, which results in minimal city driving, and a strict licensing program, which restricts young drivers, contribute to keeping insurance costs low. So, if you are in the market to buy a Toyota Corolla, and you are probably thinking that the Mainers have it good, think again. It may not be that 'wicked' after all.

Let’s consider another state in the East Coast – North Carolina.  The old north state is about fifty percent bigger than Maine, with twice the number of crimes per thousand, and a larger urban area. Some of these factors contribute to pushing the insurance costs by about two percentage points.

However, if you were to buy a Toyota Corolla Down East and run it for seven years, your costs would be around $21,632, taking into ...

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How much does insuring a Lexus IS cost across the states?

The Lexus IS, formerly known as the Toyota Altezza in Japan, is a luxury car that has been in the American markets since 2000. The Lexus IS is a popular car in the used car market in the United States. If we compare the cost of insuring the Lexus IS to those of other luxury cars, it is evident that insuring the Lexus IS is relatively affordable.

As of December 4, 2013, Maine is the least expensive state to insure a Lexus IS, though the median price of the car is $24,591 here. The annual average insurance in Maine is $1106, i.e., 4% of the total costs.

The median price of the Lexus IS is the least in Oklahoma, where it is available for around $16,988. However, the insurance costs are high in this state. The average insurance paid by Lexus IS drivers in Oklahoma is $2662 ...

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Most affordable used car deals in South Carolina

The average annual auto insurance rates in Columbia, the capital and largest city of South Carolina, are below $1100, making Columbia an affordable city to buy and insure used cars. The average annual auto insurance rate in Columbia is $952, which is lower than the average annual insurance rate of the state. On an average, one has to pay an auto insurance premium of $1161 in South Carolina.

So if you live in Columbia and are planning to buy a used car, your biggest concern should not be the insurance rates. The table provided below gives information about the median prices and insurance averages of some of the popular cars. The insurance percentage in the table is the percentage of the median price that you will have to spend on insurance.

City Make Model Insurance Average ($) Median Price ($) Insurance Percentage (%)
Columbia Honda Accord 915 17,856 5
Columbia Toyota Camry ...

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