Auto insurance rates and median prices of the Volkswagen GTI in the United States

The Grand Tourer Injection (GTI) version of the Volkswagen Golf is available in two editions: the Driver’s Edition and the Wolfsburg Edition. Both are hot hatchbacks; the Driver’s Edition costs a few thousand more than the Wolfsburg Edition. The sticker price of the Driver’s Edition is $29,695, and the Wolfsburg Edition costs $25,095. You can buy a used Volkswagen GTI in Minnesota for a median price of $9900, which is the lowest median price in the country.

Insuring it is the cheapest in the state of Maine, at an average annual insurance rate of $889. Iowa is the only other state where it costs less than $1000 to insure the Volkswagen GTI, at an average annual insurance rate of $989. The median price of the GTI is $$20,872 in Maine, and $21,423 in Iowa. Insuring the GTI is also considerably affordable in North Carolina, Ohio and Indiana, at average annual insurance rates of $1046, $1073, and $1083, respectively. In Idaho and Washington, the average rates are $1125 and $1182, respectively. The median price of the GTI is comparatively low in Washington, at $16,988, while in Idaho, it costs around $21,999 to buy a GTI.

The average insurance rates are extremely high in the states listed in the table below.

State Year Range Average Annual Insurance Rate ($) Median Price ($) Percentage of Median Price spent on insurance ($)
Georgia 2005 - 2012 2,715 20,324 13
Michigan 2005 - 2012 2,605 16,999 15
Connecticut 2005 - 2012 1,929 15,995 12
Montana 2005 - 2012 1,908 15,724 12

While the insurance rates are high in the above states, the median prices are relatively low in Michigan, Connecticut, and Montana. There is no way to avoid high insurance costs, since auto insurance must be bought from your own zip code. You could, however, consider buying your vehicle from another state. You could also try to lower your insurance costs by installing an anti-theft device in your car, taking a defensive driving course, and by adding teens to your insurance policy.