Buying a used Ford F-Series in North Carolina

The Ford F-Series is one of the most popular choices in pickup trucks in the United States. This full-size pickup truck has been in production for the last 60 years and its popularity has only increased over the years. It is presently in its twelfth generation and the car has gone through a lot of restyling and remodelling.  If you are a resident of North Carolina and wish to purchase a used Ford F-Series there are a few factors that you must consider.

Here is a chart that provides you with the insurance rate and median price of Ford F-Series across different cities in North Carolina for used cars that have been manufactured and sold between 2005 and 2012. Look at the figures carefully before deciding which city to purchase your Ford F-Series from.

City Insurance Average Median Price Insurance %
Asheville 714 29,988 2
Charlotte 921 26,881 3
Greenville 869 27,890 3
Raleigh 831 24,000 3

As you can see, the insurance rates in the different cities are more or less the same for North Carolina ranging between 2% and 3%. You will have to buy insurance in your own zip code, but none of the insurance rates in North Carolina are overwhelming. The cost of insuring your Ford F-Series might seem high in Charlotte if you compare it to the cost of insuring it in Asheville, but if you consider the monthly breakdown of the costs, there is a mere $17.25 difference between the two!  So you can rest assured that your average annual insurance costs won’t burn through your pockets.

The deciding factor, therefore, is the median price in this case. Raleigh will need to you to spend the least in upfront costs. If buying the car from this city is convenient, you should definitely go for it. The difference in the costs could help you pay for the first 2-3 years of insurance!