Buying and insuring the Ford Focus in the tri-state area

The Ford Focus, one of America’s favorite compact cars, is also one of the best cars to buy in the used car market. Currently in its third generation (2011-present), the Focus is one of the most versatile cars. It went from being a 5-door hatchback to a 3-door hatchback, and is now available in electric and ST versions. The Focus has also been used for motorsport since 1999. More recently, Jari-Matti Latvala, the Finnish rally driver, drove a Ford Focus RS WRC 09 at the 2009 Rally Finland. In 2012, the Focus was named the world’s best-selling car.

In this feature, we will examine the cost of buying and insuring a used Focus in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Let us first consider the cost of the vehicle. In New York, a used Focus costs around $14,890, while the median price of a used Focus is $15,288 in New Jersey and $14,499 in Connecticut. But, in South Dakota, you can buy the Focus for a median price of $11,945. The cost of shipping it ranges from $600 to $1000, which means that having it shipped from South Dakota –

·         to New York would save you $1,945,

·         to Connecticut would save you $1,554,

·         to New Jersey would save you $2343.

This is when you estimate that shipping will cost you $1,000, which is the upper limit.

While buying a used car, the next step would be buying auto insurance. In this case, you don’t have the choice of buying it from the cheapest state (Maine), but would have to buy it from the state in which you live and will be using the car.

State Average Yearly Insurance($) Median Price ($) Insurance Percentage (%)
New York 1,287 14,890 8
Connecticut 1,585 14499 10
New Jersey 1,685 15,288 11

Of the three states, insurance for the Ford Focus is the cheapest in New York. Though the insurance numbers might vary from zip code to zip code, it can be said that on an average, insuring a Ford Focus is much cheaper in New York, than in Connecticut or New Jersey.