Check the differences between the median prices and insurance averages before buying your Dodge Journey

The Dodge Journey is an SUV manufactured by the Dodge division of Chrysler, an American automobile manufacturer. The production of this car started in the year 2009.

In this feature, we will compare the median prices and insurance average of a used Dodge Journey in the different states of the United States. We will try to figure out the most cost effective solution for customers. For the customers to benefit it is important that the median price and insurance average both are low.  Please note that the used cars belong to the year range of 2005-2012.

The lowest insurance average is $ 809 for the state of Maine but Dodge Journey’s median price ($ 20131) here is the third highest median price among all the states. On the other hand, Michigan which has the highest insurance average of $ 2178 has the median price of $16995. It would not be a wise decision to buy the car from either state since the insurance average and median price are not in sync.

Looking at better options for customers, North Carolina has low insurance average ($ 957) and low median price ($ 17991). This state has a balance and a decent insurance percentage (9%).

If compared with North Carolina, North Dakota has the lowest median price of $ 14799 (among all the states) with an insurance average of $ 1362. One can save $ 3192 on the median price but will have to shell out extra for the insurance average.

Let us compare the lowest insurance averages among all the states.

State Insurance average ($) Median price ($) Insurance percentage
Maine 809 20,131 4%
Iowa 892 18,748 4%
New Hampshire 937 19,995 4%

Among the three lowest insurance averages, Iowa State will be best suited to the customers because by paying $83 extra, they are saving $ 1383 on their median price.