Collision cover for a Nissan Pathfinder costs an average of $400, the lowest in its category

In September 2013, the Highway Loss Data Institute released numbers related to collision insurance and the factors that affect premiums. The study shows that two factors play a big part in determining collision coverage premiums: claim frequency and claim losses. Claim frequency is the measure of how often claims are filed, whereas claim losses refers to the average payment made out per claim.

The same September study assigned scores to cars of various sizes and models to measure their damage susceptibility. A score of 100 represented the average for all sizes and classes of cars. A score of less than 100 is considered better than average and more than 100, worse. Midsize SUVs such as Nissan Pathfinder, Honda Pilot and Kia Sorento scored better than average on both counts. Midsize SUVs’ claim frequency score was 86 and claim losses score was 81. The claim frequency score of 86 was the lowest in the SUV category which includes small, large and very large SUVs apart from midsize. Only large SUVs had a lower score (77) when it came to claim losses.

Not only did midsize SUVs have better than average scores but they also fared better than other types of midsize cars. Mid-sized sports cars, station wagons, 4-door cars and 2-door cars all had worse scores in both measures than midsize SUVs. These good scores translate into savings when it comes time to buy collision coverage for your midsize SUV.

As of December 2013, the average collision cover for a Nissan Pathfinder is $400. The 4WD version costs the same to cover for collision damage. The Ford Explorer boasts the cheapest average collision cover premium in the category with an average rate of $393. At $463, the Nissan Murano, the Murano 4WD and Murano convertible lie at the other end of the spectrum within the category.