Collision coverage for BMW 7 series at an average $749

Luxury cars are, in general, more expensive to insure partly because of the higher sale price. Moreover, luxury cars are more expensive to repair in the aftermath of an accident or collision. Insurers look at factors such as claim frequency and losses per claim when determining the premium for collision coverage.

In a September 2013 study by the Highway Loss Data Institute very large luxury cars were found to have worse than average scores when assessing relative claim frequency, relative claim severity and relative losses. In each of the parameters, very large luxury cars did substantially worse than cars in almost all other size and weight classes. The relative claim loss score for very large luxury cars was by far the worst for a car of any weight/size group. Very large luxury cars also had the second worst relative claim severity score. Even within the sub-category of luxury cars, very large luxury cars had the worst score.

Given the size and build quality of very large luxury cars, they may come off better in a crash. Yet, they are likely to be much more expensive to repair. This means that insurers will have to charge higher premiums in order to minimize their losses in case of accidents.

What all these bad damage susceptibility scores lead to is higher collision cover premiums. It is still advisable to buy collision cover as the costs of repair in the events of an accident or crash will be much higher. As of December 2013, it costs $537, the cheapest in the category, to insure variants of the Lincoln MKS. Collision cover for a BMW 7 series will set you back an average $749 making it the most expensive to cover in the category. At $743, it is only marginally cheaper to buy collision cover for an Audi A8 4WD.