Figuring out the best insurance deal for the Ford F-Series

The Ford F-series is a popular pickup truck series of the Ford Motor Company, and has been in the market for thirty seven years. The price of the vehicle is unevenly distributed across the states, resulting in various combinations of median prices and insurance.

The vehicle is the most expensive in the state of Rhode Island, at a median price of $35,890 and an average annual insurance rate of $1540, bringing the insurance percentage to 4% of the median price. The state of Colorado, on the other hand, has the most affordable median price of $21,016. But, buyers will have to shell out 5% of the price for insurance, i.e., approximately $1,105.

The states of Idaho, Iowa, Kansas and Maine have the least insurance percentages of 3% of the median price. The state of Louisiana has the highest percentage of insurance, set at 8%. While the median price of the car is $25,603, the insurance amount averages to $2304. Though Kentucky offers the vehicle at an insurance percentage of 5%, buyers will have to pay a steep median price of $31,000 for the vehicle in this state.

The state of Maine offers the best deal, where buyers need to pay an amount as less as $848 as insurance and a median price of $26, 983 for the vehicle. This state has the least average insurance amount and percentage of insurance.

Though the insurance percentage in Wisconsin and Utah is 3%, the vehicle is steeply priced at $32,995 and $33,808 respectively in both these states. Oklahoma, although has a higher insurance percentage of 6%, offers a median price lower than that in Wisconsin and Utah, at $30,147.

The states of Maine, Iowa, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Ohio and Idaho have an average annual insurance rate of less than $1,000. The median price of the Ford F-Series in Iowa and Idaho is less than $26,000, making these states the best places to buy a Ford F-Series in.