Honda Fit: purchase and insurance costs in the different states

One of the best subcompact cars in the market, the Honda Fit is a customer favorite as well as a reviewer favorite. It has been in the market since 2001. It is now in its second generation. It is now available as a hybrid or all-electric 5-door hatchback.

In the used car market, the Fit is available for extremely affordable prices. The median price of the Fit is as low as $11,000 in Louisiana, though the insurance costs here are high. The average annual insurance rate for the Fit in this state is $2327, i.e. 21% of the median price.

In the states of Hawaii and Nebraska, on the other hand, the median price of the Fit is $16,995, and the insurance average is $1362 and $1024, respectively. Even though the median price of the Fit is higher in these states, it is still conducive environment for owning a Fit. Buyers from these states have the option of buying the Fit from Louisiana and having it shipped home. Even if you add shipping and auto transport insurance costs, you could still end up saving enough to pay for 3-4 years of insurance.

The Fit is available for a median price between $1200 to $1300 in Connecticut, Minnesota, Alabama, Iowa, and New Hampshire. The average insurance rates in these states are between $840 and $1481. This makes the Fit an extremely affordable buy in these states.

In New Jersey, Georgia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, New York, Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Nevada, Alaska, and Massachusetts, the Fit is available for a median price ranging between $1300 and $1400. The insurance rates in these states are also affordable in most of the states, with the exception of North Carolina –where the insurance is extremely affordable ($986)—and New Jersey and Georgia, where it is expensive ($1561 and $1601, respectively).

The average annual insurance rates are low (below $1300) in the states of Wisconsin, Oregon, Missouri, Tennessee, Washington, South Carolina, New Mexico, and Virginia. The median price in these states is, however, above $15,000. If you live in one of these states, buying the car from another state might be the way to save some of your upfront costs.