Insurance costs of a used Porsche Panamera in the United States

The United States pays an average of $2362 to insure the Porsche Panamera. This is $866 above the national average insurance rate. Insurance rates for the Porsche Panamera start at $1770 in North Carolina, and go up to $4213 in Georgia.

If we consider both the median price and the average insurance rate of the Porsche Panamera, Indiana is the best state to buy one. The median price of a used Porsche Panamera in Indiana is $59,990, the lowest in the United States. The average insurance rate in Indiana is $1982, which is the 5th lowest in the country.

In North Carolina, where the average insurance rate is the lowest, the median price is as high as $87,688. Insurance costs, thus, account for merely 2% of the median price. However, given a high median price, this low insurance percentage does not signify any savings in the long run.

In Florida, Ohio, and Washington, average insurance rates range between $1800 and $1900, while the median prices range between $63,000 and $70,000. The insurance percentage in these states is also 2% of the median price.

In South Carolina and New Hampshire, the average insurance rates are $1984 and $1993, respectively. There is, however, a huge difference in the median prices in these states. In South Carolina, you can buy a used Porsche Panamera for a median price of $68,000, while in New Hampshire the median price is $88,417.

In terms of insurance costs, Connecticut, Oregon and Georgia are the most expensive states. In Georgia, the average insurance rate is the highest, at $4213, but the median price is low, at $68,998. Insurance costs 6% of the median price. Oregon is the second most expensive state to insure a Porsche Panamera, with an annual average insurance rate of $3130. The median price in Oregon, too, is extremely high, at $95,000. In Connecticut, the average insurance rate is $3001 and themedian price is $76,337.