Insuring the Audi A3

The compact car by the German manufacturer Audi, the Audi A3, can be a tough nut to crack considering the vast inconsistency in pricing coupled by relatively higher insurance rates. Buying an A3 may be a breeze in some states but buyers in other states could be paying extra to afford the same vehicle.

The median price of a used Audi A3 is as low as $9,995 in Nebraska, though a buyer in new Mexico would have to pay approximately $99,9999 in New Mexico for the same car. The second best deal for buyers who want to limit their initial investment can be found in Delaware, where the median price of a used Audi A3 is $12,995. The insurance averages in Nebraska and Delaware are $1,398 and $1,548, respectively – these figures are much lower than the figures in nine other states, with the highest insurance average recorded in Georgia ($2,783). Despite being lower than the insurance average in other states, Nebraska’s insurance average is 13% of the median price, and Delaware’s is 11%, increasing the insurance cost of Audi A3 buyers in these states by a considerable margin.

Next to Delaware, Wisconsin offers the best deal. Priced at a median of $15,839, the charge for insurance would amount to an average of $1,204, about 7% of the median price. Though the state of Texas has the next highest percentage of insurance, a reasonable $16,300 for the vehicle brings the average insurance to $1631.

Utah is not far behind. With a median price of $16,000 and a further 9% for insurance, the vehicle can be bought for a total $17,573, which is less than the median price ($19800) in Pennsylvania.

Some the vehicle’s better deals come from the states of Wisconsin, Tennessee, Ohio, Delaware and Arizona. Priced below $18,000, the sedan’s insurance can be gotten for around of 7% to 9%.

Buyers from the state of New Jersey may have to shell out a median price of $28,595 and will have to pay an additional 5% for insuring the vehicle.