Insuring the Subaru Tribeca costs less than $1500 in 29 states

The Subaru Tribeca is a 5-door mid-size crossover that has been on the block since 2005. Subaru is planning to replace the Tribeca in 2014, and sales of the Tribeca may be discontinued due to slow sales. The Tribeca is, however, an extremely affordable car in the used car market. This car is not only easy to purchase, but it is also extremely affordable to insure in most states.

In Maine, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio and Indiana, the average annual insurance rate of the Tribeca is less than $1000. Idaho, which is the second least expensive auto insurance state in the country, has a slightly high average insurance rate ($1025) for the Subaru Tribeca. The average insurance rate ranges between $1100 and $1200 in Colorado, Washington, Arizona, South Carolina, Virginia, Illinois, Oregon, Kansas, and Nevada.

In Tennessee, Utah, Florida, New York, Maryland, New Mexico, and Texas, drivers pay an average annual rate between $1200 and $1300 to insure their Subaru Tribecas. In Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Delaware, and Alabama, the average insurance rates are $1349, $1350, $1382, and $1391, respectively. In New Jersey, Missouri and Montana, insuring the Tribeca is relatively expensive. With average annual insurance rates of $1428, $1468, and $1494, these are among the most expensive states to insure the Tribeca.

Kentucky, Connecticut, California and Oklahoma have average insurance rates between $1500 and $1600. Michigan is the most expensive state to insure the Tribeca, with an annual insurance rate of $2307.

If we factor in the cost of the car, Maine is the most expensive state to buy a Tribeca. The median price of a used Tribeca is $32,477 in Maine, which is the highest in the country. If you live in Maine, however, you could buy the car from another state to reduce your upfront costs.  One of the best states to buy the car from is Kansas. With the lowest median price ($12,495) and extremely low average insurance rate ($1188), Kansas is the best state to buy and insure a used Tribeca.