Insuring a used Infiniti FX will cost you more than $1400 in 31 states

The Infiniti FX, now known as the Infiniti QX70, is a mid-size crossover car manufactured by the Japanese car manufacturer, Nissan Motor Co. The Infiniti FX is a popular car in the used car market.

The median price of the Infiniti FX ranges from $16,950 in Michigan to $40,654 in North Carolina. Its average annual insurance ranges from $1142 in New Hampshire to $2839 in Louisiana.

The insurance rates for this car are high all over the country. The average insurance rate across all the states is $1615. The insurance average is less than $1,000 in only three states: New Hampshire, Idaho, and Vermont.

The average annual insurance rates in the states of Arizona, North Carolina and Ohio are $1215, $1274, and $1280, respectively. Of these three states, the median price of the Infiniti FX is the lowest ($21,491) in Arizona. In North Carolina and Ohio, the median price of the FX is as high as $40,654 and $38,994, respectively.

In Indiana and Nevada, the average annual insurance rates are $1346 and $1393, respectively. However, the difference in the median prices in these two states is more than $10,000. In Indiana, the median price is $33,990 and in Nevada it is $20,998.

The median price of the Infiniti FX ranges from $1400 – $1500 in Washington, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Oregon, Tennessee, Virginia, South Carolina, Illinois, Colorado, Utah, South Dakota, and New York. This might seem steep, but the insurance average is even higher in 19 other states.

In Maryland, Florida, Arkansas, and Mississippi, the average insurance ranges between $1500 and $1600. In Pennsylvania, Kansas, New Mexico, and Massachusetts, the average insurance rates are $1631, $1650, $1662, and $1692 respectively.

In Georgia, Missouri, Texas, New Jersey, Delaware, and Connecticut, the insurance average ranges from $1600 to $1900.

Alabama, California, Oklahoma, Michigan, and Louisiana are the most expensive states to buy insurance for a used Infiniti FX, with average insurance rates as high as $1934, $2193, $2378, $2563, and $ 2839, respectively. If you live in one of these states, it might be a good option to do some research and lower the cost of purchase of your vehicle by buying it from cheaper states, so that you can use what you save to insure your car.