Insuring a used Jeep Compass in the United States

The average annual insurance for a Jeep Compass costs less than $1400 in 36 states across the country. The average yearly insurance for a Jeep Compass is the highest (above $2,000) in Louisiana and Michigan.  

The Jeep Compass is, thus, an affordable car to insure in most states. In this feature, we will examine the most affordable Jeep Compass deals in the country, giving due priority to insurance costs.

Let us consider the numbers in the table below. The insurance percentage in the table refers to the percentage of the median price that is spent on insurance for a year.

State Insurance Average ($) Median Price ($) Insurance Percentage (%)
Kentucky 1,507 11,981 12
Connecticut 1,550 11,995 12
Virginia 1,080 13,994 7
Maine 783 16,688 4
Iowa 888 16,969 5
New Hampshire 915 17130 5
Indiana 943 18,995 4
Idaho 946 19,991 4
Ohio 949 16,200 5
North Carolina 982 17,500 5

Insuring a Jeep Compass is the cheapest in Maine, Iowa, New Hampshire, Indiana, Idaho, Ohio, and North Carolina. However, the median prices in these states are much higher. So, if you live in these states, you could opt to buy your car from one of the other states. This would lower your purchase costs by a considerable amount. Even if you add shipping charges and the cost of auto transport insurance, you could still save thousands of dollars.

In Michigan and Louisiana, the median prices of the Compass are $15,500 and $17,000, respectively. The average annual insurance rates in these states are $2121 and $2155, respectively. As you can see, both your insurance costs as well as your purchase costs are exorbitant in these two states. If you live in one of these states, you might want to consider buying your car from Kentucky or Connecticut, where the median prices are much lower.