Mercedes C350: Rates you should know before investing

The Mercedes Benz C-Class is the line of compact executive cars from Mercedes. This is one of the best selling models from Mercedes, and the compact executive car segment has many more takers compared with the other segments. In the executive car segment, the C-350 is the preferred choice, due to its quality, comfort, style and advanced technology.

The Mercedes C-350 is one of the least expensive Mercedes models to insure. Out of 26 models, it is the 4th least expensive Mercedes model to insure. There is a huge difference between the insurance rates of the C-350 in the various states of the country.

Consider the following table. It shows the states with the highest and lowest insurance rates for the Mercedes C-350. 

State Annual Average Insurance Rate ($)
District of Columbia $3,599
Georgia $3,519
Michigan $3,148
Florida $1,769
Iowa $1,218
New Mexico $1,162
Maine $1,084

As we can see in the above table, the insurance rates for Mercedes C350 range from $1084 to $3599. Let us also consider the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). The MSRP for the Mercedes C350 is $56745 in Florida, and the cost of insuring it over a period of five years is $8845. Maine, with an insurance rate that is 38% lower than the median insurance rate, also has an affordable MSRP, at $56744. This is lower than the national median price. When it comes to upfront costs, Virginia has the lowest MSRP, at $43255, while Texas has the highest, at $66235.

Of all the variants, the Mercedes C-350 4-door 6-cylinder sedan has the highest insurance rates, at $3599 in the District of Columbia. This is a whopping 103% higher than the median rate.

On the other hand, the Mercedes C-350 4-door 3.5L 6 cylinder sedan has the lowest insurance rate of $1040 in Maine of all the available Mercedes C-350 models. Its insurance rate is 41% lower than the median rate.