The most affordable car and its insurance in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania, being the 6th most populous state in the United States and the 9th most densely populated state, has an average auto insurance rate of $1604, which is higher than that of 32 other states.  The average annual auto insurance rate in Philadelphia is as high as $2199, while that of Erie and Pittsburgh are $1136 and $1148, respectively.

In such a state, where auto insurance can amount to up to 12% of your expenses, which used car should you prefer to minimize this part of your expenditure? Which is the most affordable car you could buy in Pennsylvania, including its insurance costs?

City Make Model Insurance Average ($) Median Price ($) Insurance Percentage (%)
Philadelphia Chevrolet Silverado 1,902 24,696 7
Pittsburgh Chevrolet Silverado 993 28,999 3
Erie Ford F-Series 1,010 19,985 5
Pittsburgh Ford F-Series 1,021 31,995 3
Erie Honda Accord 1,150 18,412 6
Philadelphia Honda Accord 2,227 17,894 12
Pittsburgh Honda Accord 1,163 15,475 7

Of the three cars, the Silverado definitely has the lowest annual average insurance rate in Pittsburgh. But, due to the high median price of the car, it is not the most affordable car in the state.

The Honda Accord has a very low median price in Pittsburgh. This is definitely a contender. The average insurance rate for this car is also in the affordable range. However, it is not the cheapest car you could buy in Pennsylvania. If you bought the Accord from Ann Arbor, which is just under 5 hours away from Pittsburgh, you could save around $5,000 in your upfront costs. The median price of the Accord is $7995 in Ann Arbor, and even if you add shipping charges and auto transport insurance to your costs, you can still save up to $5,000!