Most affordable used car deals in South Carolina

The average annual auto insurance rates in Columbia, the capital and largest city of South Carolina, are below $1100, making Columbia an affordable city to buy and insure used cars. The average annual auto insurance rate in Columbia is $952, which is lower than the average annual insurance rate of the state. On an average, one has to pay an auto insurance premium of $1161 in South Carolina.

So if you live in Columbia and are planning to buy a used car, your biggest concern should not be the insurance rates. The table provided below gives information about the median prices and insurance averages of some of the popular cars. The insurance percentage in the table is the percentage of the median price that you will have to spend on insurance.

City Make Model Insurance Average ($) Median Price ($) Insurance Percentage (%)
Columbia Honda Accord 915 17,856 5
Columbia Toyota Camry 973 17,299 5
Columbia Ford F-Series 978 22,457 4
Columbia Toyota Corolla 984 13,947 7
Columbia Chevrolet Silverado 1000 21944 4
Columbia Honda Civic 1029 16,293 6
Columbia Nissan Altima 1043 17,975 5

If you consider the upfront costs, the Toyota Corolla is clearly the most affordable option. With a median price as low as $13,947, the total cost of your Corolla will not exceed $15,000. If you are looking for the most affordable option, the Corolla is definitely a no brainer.

Before you settle on this option, you should know that the Corolla is available for a median price of $9,888 in Plano and $9995 in Ann Arbor. You also have the option of buying the car from one of these cities and having it shipped back home. Even if you add shipping costs and auto transport insurance to your cost, you could still end up saving around $3,000! This means that the most affordable used car deal in South Carolina is in fact, found in either Plano or Ann Arbor. The low insurance rates in Columbia contribute towards lowering your total costs. Check the prices of the used car you covet in the other cities before making an informed decision as to where you buy your dream car from.