Nissan Murano: a journey through its insurance costs in the United States

The Nissan Murano has been in the American markets since 2002 as a mid-size crossover. It has also been a very popular car in the used car market. The Murano is available for a median price of $9,998 in Rhode Island, the lowest median price in the country. It is the most expensive in Wyoming, where its median price is $25,841.

Iowa is one of the cheapest states in terms of insurance costs. With an annual average insurance rate of $908, it is very affordable to buy auto insurance for the Murano in Iowa. However, the median price of the Murano is $24,995 in Iowa, one of the highest median prices in the country.

Maine is the most affordable state to insure the Murano. The average annual insurance rate here is $859. The median price in Maine is $22,500. The cost of insurance is, thus, 3% of the median price.

The state with the highest insurance costs is Georgia, with an annual average insurance rate of $2653. This is more than three times the amount you would pay in Maine. The median price of the Murano is also high in Georgia, at $22,583. In Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Michigan, too, the average insurance rates are higher than $2,000 per year. At $2057, $2329, and $2455, respectively, the insurance rates in these states are among the highest in the country. In Montana and Connecticut, the average insurance rates are $1855 and $1874, respectively, while the median prices are $25,511 and $20,995. These are states with relatively high insurance rates.

In Indiana and Illinois, the insurance rates are between $1000 and $1100. In Washington, Colorado, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Virginia, Idaho, New Hampshire, and Vermont, average insurance rates range between $1100 and $1200. Since you cannot avoid insurance costs, the best way to lower your insurance rates is by taking a defensive driving course. To lower your overall costs, you can buy your car from a state where it costs much less than its cost in your state.