Nissan Titan vs. Ford F-Series: Which full-size pickup costs less to insure in the United States?

The Ford F-Series is one of the most popular series of full-size pickups, having sustained its popularity for over six decades. The Nissan Titan was introduced in 2004 in the North American market, and has been nominated for several awards since then. In this feature, we will compare the cost of insuring both these pickups in the United States.

As of January 2014, the national average insurance rate for the Nissan Titan is $1414, while that of the Ford F-Series is $1324. The cheapest state to insure the Nissan Titan is Maine, with an annual average insurance rate of $951. Maine is also the cheapest state to insure the Ford F-Series, with a considerably lower insurance rate, at $848. There is also a huge difference in the purchase costs of two pickups in Maine. While a used Nissan Titan is available for a median price of $19,900, the Ford F-Series costs around $26,983 in Maine.

Insurance costs for both pickups are the highest in the state of Louisiana. The Titan costs an average insurance rate of $2574 per year, while the Ford F-Series can be insured for an average of $2304 in Louisiana. Louisiana is the sixth most affordable state to buy the Ford F-Series, with a median price of $25,603. The median price of the Nissan Titan in Louisiana is the 13th lowest in the United States, at $22745.

The best state to buy the Nissan Titan is South Dakota, where the median price is as low as $13,999 and the average insurance rate is also relatively low, at $1248. The Ford F-Series, on the other hand, costs around $30,414 in this state, and its insurance cost averages at $1289 per year.

Colorado is the best state to buy the Ford F-Series, with an annual average insurance rate of $1105 and a median price of $21,016. This is the lowest median price for the Ford F-Series in the United States.

The Nissan Titan costs more than $1496 (national average auto insurance rate) to insure in 15 states, while the Ford F-Series costs more than that in 11 states.