Patents are supposed to be given to ideas that are non-obvious. Therefore, when a patent lawsuit is filed one would think that it would be against an individual perpetrator who infringed the non-obvious idea of the patent holder. But, how about when patents are filed against an entire class of companies. How can it be that an entire group utilized this non-obvious idea. Could it be that these patents were obvious in the first place & that everybody adopted a common and obvious practice?

Our research on the lawsuits of patent holding firms shows that a single patent or a group of related patents are being used to file lawsuits against a disparate set of companies in sometimes completely unrelated fields. The chart below highlights the number of lawsuits filed against different companies for the same patent or a group of related patents. These lawsuits were often filed on the same day or within a short timeframe. For example, eDekka used a single patent (Patent #: 06266674 - Random access information retrieval utilizing user-defined labels) as the basis for filing against 149 different firms, ​Etsy & ​Fresh Direct in the Texas Eastern District Court.

Given below is the data for each of the patent holding firms. We are going to be updating this post as we get more data. If there is data that you think we should add to this post, please send an email to