Insurance is one of the most critical requirements for those who own a car. It helps to not only cover losses caused by accidents, but it can also take care of injuries if you hit someone with your car. It can also mean that you know exactly how much is your monthly outgo—which can be planned—against an emergency which is unplanned and can drain your bank account.

However, the cost of insurance varies wildly from state to state, and even within states, certain cities have higher insurance premiums. In fact, there are certain zip codes within a city where residents need to pay high premiums.

Let us look at the top ten cities in America with the highest average insurance premium per annum. Michigan and New York lead the list with Detroit, Brooklyn and Long Island making it to the three most expensive cities for auto insurance. The average cost of insurance in Detroit is $4,599 or $383 a month, while that cost in Brooklyn is $3,933 annually or $327 a month.

Rank City State Average Insurance Premium Per Annum ($)
1 Detroit MI 4,599
2 Brooklyn NY 3,933
3 Long Island NY 2,868
4 Louisiana LA 2,699
5 Miami FL 2,526
6 Michigan MI 2,520
7 Baton Rouge LA 2,328
8 Tulsa OK 2,217
9 Philadelphia PA 2,199
10 Los Angeles CA 2,195

Not surprisingly, these are also the cities with the highest number of uninsured drivers. The high cost of insurance in Michigan can be attributed to state regulations that guarantee unlimited, lifetime personal-injury protection benefits for treatment of injuries that result from an auto accident. Areas which have a high crime rate can also cause residents to shell out more for their car insurance. Other factors such as urban conditions and high traffic density can result in an increase in premium.

So, while you may have an impeccable driving record, one still ends up paying high car insurance premiums. Now is probably a good time to compare the cost of insurance in the nearby zip codes or that suburb that you have been thinking of moving to.