Which used cars have lower insurance rates in Michigan?

Buying a used car in Michigan could be overwhelming, considering the high percentage of insurance costs. The average annual insurance rate in Michigan is $2,520, which is significantly above the national average.  The average annual insurance rate of Grand Rapids is $1,754, while in Lansing it is $1,784.

So, which used car can you buy in Michigan to spend less on purchase and insurance costs?

City Make Model Insurance Average ($) Median Price ($) Insurance Percentage (%)
Lansing Honda Civic 1,788 5,000 35
Ann Arbor Honda Accord 1,517 7,995 18
Lansing Honda Accord 1,686 8,979 18
Ann Arbor Toyota Corolla 1,606 9,995 16
Ann Arbor Honda Civic 1,608 13,995 11
Grand Rapids Honda Civic 1,758 14,300 12
Grand Rapids Toyota Camry 1,966 14,400 13
Grand Rapids Toyota Corolla 1,755 14,500 12
Grand Rapids Nissan Altima 1,850 14,750 12
Ann Arbor Chevrolet Silverado 1,456 14,995 9
Lansing Nissan Altima 1,881 16,000 11
Grand Rapids Honda Accord 1,657 16,500 10
Grand Rapids Chevrolet Silverado 1,591 17,998 8
Grand Rapids Honda CR-V 1,663 22,995 7
Lansing Chevrolet Silverado 1,619 26,900 6

If you live in Michigan, the cheapest car you can buy is the Honda Civic from Lansing. If you don’t live in Lansing, you might want to consider driving down or having the car shipped. Even if you add transport charges and auto transport insurance to the costs, you will still save a carload of cash if you buy it from Lansing.  Insuring the Civic is cheaper in Ann Arbor than the other cities. However, you don’t have the choice of buying the insurance in Ann Arbor. But, if you save up on your upfront costs, you could use that money to insure your car.

The above table shows us that the insurance rates for all the cars in Michigan range from $1,426 to $1,996. You may not have the choice of buying your insurance from a cheaper city, but you can calculate both your median price and insurance cost for a year from the above table, and make informed decisions.  The insurance rates are more or less the same for each make and model of a particular car, but the difference in median prices is huge for some of the cars.