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$1,170 $2,170 $4,440

Latest Auto Insurance Reviews in Braddock, Pennsylvania

State Farm
I haven't shopped for auto insurance in 10 years, I have no idea what other premiums there are. My premiums have gone up by 20% in the past 2 years with no change in location or milage, however, so it may be time for me to start shopping around.
State Farm
I have this company for 10 years and did not compare rates. I liked their rate immediately
Their customer service and the price is excellent
discounts, great customer service
State Farm
The company is physically 30 or so miles from me but with phone communication as well as online access, it is right at my fingertips.
It is very positive. It is a great experience.
State Farm
I dislike that I have a hard time getting a good of someone to help me without a good deal of frustration.
I wish there were more "bells and whistles" like bundles or incentives that some other companies offer. To my knowledge, these are not offered by Allstate.
Amica Mutual Insurance
I have no bad things to say about our insurance company. The only thing I dislike is that I only know they have one office here and the parking is the only bad thing about it. Theres no street parking and garage parking is not validated and costly because it is in a very busy business district.
I think it is very narrow in terms of premium payment and is customer rating should be improved in all terms.
Safeco Insurance
The premiums on their own are comparable to other services that I have investigated, but when I combine by policies through this provider, the discounts become great enough that I see a substantial savings and only have to make one payment
Safeco Insurance
I regularly check to see how my premium compares to other companies. Ive found that I have a pretty good deal and few companies can beat it. I feel very confident in the company and my policy
My company has a local office and a website. I like that they have a local office because they can help you with any of your needs, and they do it quickly and promptly. Websites are great, but I like talking to real people.
I have been completely satisfied with my insurance company's services and policies during the many years I have been with them.
Metromile Auto Insurance
I like their website and phone numbers which allows me immediate access to the company and its employees. I didn't like that their local office was moved to a location that required more driving than their old location.
My company is the safest and most reliable that hay, in addition to always providing the best care and responsibility when contacting them with the utmost respect for their customer service, giving me confidence and security at all times
My company offers a wide product line and superior coverage and services. I pay a higher premium than for this but am happy to do so because I receive excellent service and feel well protected.
Westfield Insurance
Coverage is priced competitive and they give discounts on multi policies and good driving record. First accident forgiveness
Root Car Insurance
I have been with my auto insurance company for many years. I used to work for them and know first hand that the quality of the products is second to none.
The customer service is pretty good. Although sometimes, it is hard to find the right department to go to. They have several options and branches to navigate through that it can be confusing at times.
Safety Insurance
The premium, I have found upon comparing prices with other companies, to be quite a bit lower. It was over $400 less than the company I had switched from, for the exact same coverage.
Aarp Auto Insurance
My company is easily accessed in person. They are located within a few minutes of my home so I can always drop by without concern. I do not like their online website. I haven't been able to use it
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Braddock Car Insurance Rate Comparisons

Braddock, PA's average car insurance of $2170 differs from East Pittsburgh, PA (+$60), Chalfant, PA (+$30), Munhall, PA (-$1091) and Pennsylvania (-$566)

Braddock East Pittsburgh, PA Chalfant, PA Munhall, PA Pennsylvania
Median Insurance Rates $2170 +$60 +$30 -$1091 -$566

Braddock Car Insurance Savings By Neighborhood & Street Area

Braddock Driver Street Residence & Car Locations Car Details in Braddock Braddock Driver Demographics Braddock Auto Insurance Estimates Recent Braddock Insurance Savings
Other Area
Mapleview Ter1999 Chevrolet Express G1500 30 year man$2,925$961
Charles Way2007 Mazda 3 I74 year senior$1,695$998
Ajax Way2009 Toyota Corolla LE29 year married woman$1,652$383
McCune St2006 Lexus ES 330 Base16 year teenager$5,646$760
Maple Way2007 Acura MDX Base w/Tech17 year male teenager$5,475$581
Comrie Ave2005 Cadillac Escalade ESV54 year woman$2,234$587
Mills Ave2010 Chrysler Town & Country LX16 year female teenager$4,542$889
Quince Way2011 Volkswagen Tiguan SE82 year male senior$927$771
Verona St2014 Honda Civic LX84 year female senior$1,992$448
Margaretta St2013 Dodge Grand Caravan SE43 year married man$2,911$895

Braddock Post DUI Car Insurance Rates

Braddock East Pittsburgh Churchill Duquesne Pennsylvania
Median Post DUI Insurance Rate $4036 +$111 -$874 -$2050 -$1053
Male Teenager Post DUI Insurance Rate $9404 +$258 -$2037 -$4777 -$2454
Female Teenager Post DUI Insurance Rate $8314 +$228 -$1801 -$4222 -$2169

The Post DUI insurance in Braddock, PA's is $4036 compared to East Pittsburgh (+$111), Churchill (-$874), Duquesne (-$2050) and Pennsylvania (-$1053)

In Braddock, a male teenager with Post DUI pays $1090 more than a female teenager Post DUI. For Example, a Male Teenager Post DUI with a 2009 Toyota Corolla LE in Braddock, PA would pay $8952 on auto insurance while a female teenager POST DUI would pay $7914.

Braddock Car Insurance by Segment

Braddock Teenagers Car Insurance Rates Comparison

231 Braddock Teenagers (10% of total population), 35% Male & 65% Female.

Braddock Wilmerding Braddock Hills Rankin Pennsylvania
All Teenagers $4708 -$151 +$131 -$151 -$1228
Male Teenager $5056 -$163 +$139 -$163 -$1319
Female Teenager $4470 -$144 +$123 -$144 -$1166

Braddock teenagers pay $4708 in insurance in contrast with Wilmerding (-$151), Braddock Hills (+$131), Rankin (-$151) and Pennsylvania (-$1228). The difference between Male & Female teenagers in Braddock is $586


  • 2011 Hyundai Veracruz GLS Male Teenager Insurance Rate $4,748
  • 2012 Buick LaCrosse Premium 3 Female Teenager Insurance Rate $4,383

Braddock Men & Women Car Insurance

2243 Braddock Adults (100% of total population), 43% Men & 57% Women.

Braddock Turtle Creek Chalfant Wilmerding Pennsylvania
All Women $1953 -$955 +$27 -$63 -$510
Married Women $1736 -$849 +$24 -$56 -$453
All Men $3103 -$1518 +$43 -$100 -$810
Married Men $3081 -$1507 +$43 -$99 -$804

The typical insurance rate of $3103 that Braddock Men pay varies from Turtle Creek (-$1518), Chalfant (+$43), Wilmerding (-$100) and Pennsylvania (-$810). In Braddock, married men pay $1345 more than married women.


  • 2012 Nissan 370Z Base Married Men Insurance Rate $2,788
  • 2011 Lincoln MKS Base Married Women Insurance Rate $3,173

Braddock Senior Car Insurance

450 Braddock Seniors (20% of total population), 33% Senior Men & 67% Senior Women.

Braddock Churchill Homestead Wilkins Pennsylvania
All Seniors $1757 -$380 -$32 -$16 -$458
Senior Men $954 -$206 -$17 -$8 -$249
Senior Women $2170 -$470 -$40 -$20 -$566

Braddock seniors pay $1757 in insurance compared to Churchill (-$380), Homestead (-$32), Wilkins (-$16) and Pennsylvania (-$458). In Braddock, senior men pay $1216 less than senior women.

Braddock Car Insurance Discounts for Multiple Vehicles

Braddock Population with 1 Vehicle 346 (43% of Braddock population), 2 Vehicles 67 (8% of the Braddock population) and 3 vehicles 10 (1% of the population)

Braddock Braddock Hills Swissvale Munhall Pennsylvania
2 Vehicles $4123 +$114 -$2048 -$2072 -$1075
3 Vehicles $6293 +$174 -$3126 -$3163 -$1641
4 Vehicles $8463 +$234 -$4204 -$4254 -$2207

Braddock Insurance Rates by Make

Braddock Audi Insurance

ModelsInsurance RateMonroevillePittsburghAdamsburgStowe

Braddock BMW Insurance

ModelsInsurance RateMurrysvilleDravosburgBaldwinSharpsburg
7 series$3530+$1220-$1090-$1160-$1330
X series$2260+$780-$700-$740-$850
1 series$2560+$880-$790-$840-$970

Braddock Cadillac Insurance

ModelsInsurance RateHamptonPort VueAvalonNew Eagle

Braddock Chevrolet Insurance

ModelsInsurance RateGlenshawNorth IrwinIngramHarmar

Braddock Ford Insurance

ModelsInsurance RateWhite OakMount LebanonExportBen Avon Heights

Braddock Honda Insurance

ModelsInsurance RateSouth ParkSewickleyStoweLiberty

Braddock Jeep Insurance

ModelsInsurance RateBridgevilleWilkinsburgHarrison CityStowe

Braddock Mazda Insurance

ModelsInsurance RateBellevueGlenshawLiberty boroughPennsbury Village

Braddock Nissan Insurance

ModelsInsurance RateCollierThornburgStoweSpringdale

Braddock Volkswagen Insurance

ModelsInsurance RateAspinwallShalerAllegheny CountyCheswick