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$836 $1,238 $1,906

Latest Auto Insurance Reviews in Chula Vista, California

I like how the company functions, it is good for new drivers. Just make sure you do not get into an accident... That's really it.
State Farm
I like that I can review my policies anytime I want and that all of the information I need is available online. I can also speak with my agent anytime I need to.
My company has awful customer service and that is the truth! Anytime I try and contact them I am put on hold for usually about an hour! They have no way of online chat, so that really stinks!
The only thing i dislike is that my local office is not open on weekends and i have to take a day off to go into the office as i like doing most things in person
I think my premium is fair given my age, driving record and vehicle. I feel comfortable that I will have the coverage I need if anything bad were to happen.
We have never had any issues with them responding in a timely manner to any concerns. They have always been friendly and accessible, and very helpful with any information we needed.
The company is the best customer-oriented insurance company. Provide immediate and knowledgeable response. Rates are competitive but tend to be on the higher end. They are not a discount insurance where you're looking for a low cost.
State Farm
the interaction has been excellent all the time. my car was destroyed in a flood. it was replaced within days
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Progressive Insurance, Chula Vista, CA
$86/1 month
Car Insurance Policy Holder
  • Single 68 Years old Female licensed 3 years ago with Financed Mazda Mazda6s Touring Plus used for Commute to Work or School with estimated annual mileage of 12,001 - 15,000.
  • Associate & Retired.
  • No accidents , No traffic tickets , No DUIs , No Licence suspensions .
Car Insurance Policy & Coverage Details:
  • 1 car insured & 1 person is part of this policy
  • Home and Auto insurance are from difference companies
  • $25K (Per Person Bodily Injury) / $50K (Per Accident Bodily Injury)
  • 5 K Property Damage
  • 50 K Personal Injury Protection
  • 15 K Uninsured Motorists Bodily Injury
  • 30 K Uninsured Motorists Property Damage

Chula Vista Car Insurance Rate Comparisons

Chula Vista, CA's average car insurance of $1238 differs from Lemon Grove, CA (+$70), El Cajon, CA (+$60), Harbison Canyon, CA (+$682) and California (+$581)

Chula Vista Lemon Grove, CA El Cajon, CA Harbison Canyon, CA California
Median Insurance Rates $1238 +$70 +$60 +$682 +$581

Chula Vista Car Insurance Savings By Neighborhood & Street Area

Chula Vista Driver Street Residence & Car Locations Car Details in Chula Vista Chula Vista Driver Demographics Chula Vista Auto Insurance Estimates Recent Chula Vista Insurance Savings
Portsmouth Dr2002 Buick Rendezvous CX18 year female teenager$2,697$568
Tallow Ct2008 Mazda MAZDA3 s Sport66 year female senior$1,274$455
Harbor Side
Moss St2007 Ford Fusion I-4 SE39 year woman$1,095$890
Westby St2012 Honda Civic LX44 year married man$1,304$630
Moss St2006 Acura TSX Base25 year married woman$1,134$945
Moss St2007 Cadillac DTS Luxury I29 year man$1,747$916
Barrett View Rd2007 Chrysler 300 C19 year teenager$2,677$854
Montiel Truck Trl2006 Jeep Commander Limited69 year male senior$1,122$512
Rancho del Rey
Cabezas Cove2010 Nissan Rogue S19 year male teenager$2,554$920
Sherman Dr2014 Volkswagen Jetta S81 year senior$1,246$839

Chula Vista Post DUI Car Insurance Rates

Chula Vista Harbison Canyon Lakeside National City California
Median Post DUI Insurance Rate $2302 +$1269 +$1585 +$1976 +$1081
Male Teenager Post DUI Insurance Rate $5018 +$2766 +$3456 +$4308 +$2356
Female Teenager Post DUI Insurance Rate $4995 +$2753 +$3440 +$4288 +$2346

The Post DUI insurance in Chula Vista, CA's is $2302 compared to Harbison Canyon (+$1269), Lakeside (+$1585), National City (+$1976) and California (+$1081)

In Chula Vista, a male teenager with Post DUI pays $23 more than a female teenager Post DUI. For Example, a Male Teenager Post DUI with a 2007 Ford Fusion I-4 SE in Chula Vista, CA would pay $4577 on auto insurance while a female teenager POST DUI would pay $4555.

Chula Vista Car Insurance by Segment

Chula Vista Teenagers Car Insurance Rates Comparison

19917 Chula Vista Teenagers (8% of total population), 54% Male & 46% Female.

Chula Vista Harbison Canyon Crest Imperial Beach California
All Teenagers $2698 +$1487 +$1247 +$146 +$1267
Male Teenager $2698 +$1487 +$1247 +$146 +$1267
Female Teenager $2686 +$1480 +$1241 +$145 +$1261

Chula Vista teenagers pay $2698 in insurance in contrast with Harbison Canyon (+$1487), Crest (+$1247), Imperial Beach (+$146) and California (+$1267). The difference between Male & Female teenagers in Chula Vista is $12


  • 2013 Hyundai Sonata GLS Male Teenager Insurance Rate $2,646
  • 2011 Lincoln MKZ Base Female Teenager Insurance Rate $2,673

Chula Vista Men & Women Car Insurance

242499 Chula Vista Adults (100% of total population), 48% Men & 52% Women.

Chula Vista Granite Hills Bostonia Crest California
All Women $1200 +$12 +$1001 +$555 +$564
Married Women $1163 +$12 +$970 +$538 +$546
All Men $1572 +$15 +$1310 +$726 +$738
Married Men $1497 +$15 +$1249 +$693 +$703

The typical insurance rate of $1572 that Chula Vista Men pay varies from Granite Hills (+$15), Bostonia (+$1310), Crest (+$726) and California (+$738). In Chula Vista, married men pay $334 more than married women.


  • 2010 Audi A5 2.0T quattro Premium Married Men Insurance Rate $1,315
  • 2009 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE Married Women Insurance Rate $1,404

Chula Vista Senior Car Insurance

34409 Chula Vista Seniors (14% of total population), 43% Senior Men & 57% Senior Women.

Chula Vista Lakeside Crest Winter Gardens California
All Seniors $1312 +$903 +$606 +$1073 +$616
Senior Men $1287 +$886 +$595 +$1053 +$604
Senior Women $1337 +$920 +$617 +$1093 +$627

Chula Vista seniors pay $1312 in insurance compared to Lakeside (+$903), Crest (+$606), Winter Gardens (+$1073) and California (+$616). In Chula Vista, senior men pay $50 less than senior women.

Chula Vista Car Insurance Discounts for Multiple Vehicles

Chula Vista Population with 1 Vehicle 22832 (31% of Chula Vista population), 2 Vehicles 29831 (40% of the Chula Vista population) and 3 vehicles 12473 (17% of the population)

Chula Vista Bostonia Coronado Casa de Oro-Mount Helix California
2 Vehicles $2353 +$1960 +$114 +$2416 +$1104
3 Vehicles $3591 +$2992 +$174 +$3688 +$1685
4 Vehicles $4829 +$4024 +$234 +$4960 +$2266