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$1,520 $2,130 $3,470

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The premiums cost more through different companies which are all higher. A lot higher in price
My premium has gone up a lot in the past two years. This is probably for a good reason, but I wish it were lower. I haven't recently compared it to other companies
I think I got a pretty standard insurance. I have a lot of confidence in my driving ability so I feel like I don't really need a premium coverage. But my state has a requirement for vehicle insurance.
I was the lowest premium I could find an equal to or better than what others covered.
Allstate offers a multitude of discounts and I have a very friendly agent that is always willing to answer questions, even when he's out of the office.
pretty much the same as any other insurance company
I feel that this company is easy to get ahold of. I have no problems accessing customer service. They were also very helpful when I needed a tow.
If you need to talk to a person, there is generally a long wait on the phone...but once you get through, the service is acceptable, and questions are answered satisfactorily.
State Farm
They are always there to help and they go above and beyond to make sure I am given all of the things I need to feel safe with them.
I like that I can't interact with them online and also call easily. I have been able to contact them without issues
I like that the company is very accessible. I can reach someone through chat email or phone. Anytime I reach someone I am able to get a prompt answer and quick customer service.
State Farm
I like that I can access their website and do most of what is needed. Also, they are very accessible by phone. It is a local business so I can go to the office easily.
I like that I am able to reach customer service at any time and make policy changes at any time.
there is all of that and all the things you might expect out of an insurance company things I have already stated. Price, reliability communication,
I love the fact about how quick they work on claims to get them solved.
State Farm
The company works hard to make sure that I am given what I need. I like that they have good prices and they also do not try to trick people into getting more than they need.
I like that they have strong coverage and are able to help me whenever I need it. They offer good discounts and good prices for the area.
State Farm
They are a small office and very personal. I had been with the same provider since I started driving at 16. I'm now 50 and this year he just retired. The office was taken over by a new person and I am happy with his service so far.
I like that I am not a number. I mean, I am... But the interactions with the sales agents and service agents are always a conversation, not a transaction.
It is inexpensive and well known. I wouldn't anticipate having any problems if I did need to file a claim.
I pretty much don’t have any dislikes about this company. They gave me an affordable price so I can't complain about them at all.
I don't want to pay a lot for my car insurance because I really don't think I need it. Mainly, I want to complain about the State that I am living in because it is a requirement or else I will get fined.
I can't think of anything overall that I don't like about progressive. I think I would like if they also insured my home.
I don't really dislike anything about the company. If anything I would say it is the inability to get paperwork mailed to me. Everything has to be printed out. Sometimes I don't have access to a printer or ink and paper.
They have increased my rates each of the last 3 years. However so have all the other local insurance companies. But I wish they would keep my rates lower.
There is nothing that I really dislike about the company. You pretty much get what you pay for. So when I am in need of more services I will either have to upgrade my services or choose a different company.
State Farm
I do not have any dislikes at all about the company. They are really great to work with and they do their best to help me.
State Farm
My dislike would be that their hours at the office are not easy to access for those of us that work all day. They have no weekend hours.
I don't like that they are so large that if I have an issue that I am currently going through can get lost in translation and not get processed for an unknown number of days or weeks.
The General Auto Insurance
I have great coverage from damage to the car to medical insurance for the family and damages to third parties I think I have the best coverage possible
As a regular driver I don't have a lot of worries on the road so a basic level of coverage by my insurer is what I was looking for, and I get this from my provider. I live in an area that is not crazy traffic-wise. However, I leave my town in order to drive for Uber and I was very concerned about the insurer providing adequate coverage for any issues on the road -- and they have me covered. I am very satisfied by their coverage.
I have no idea how their premium compares to other providers, as I have had them for over ten years and haven't been interested in changing insurers. I assume they are relatively inexpensive compared to other insurers, but I have no evidence to support that,
Safety Insurance
It is a very affordable an simple to contact company, with good customer service and a reliable portal, always available and ready to help
Aarp Auto Insurance
The premium for my auto insurance is way below other providers out there. I have the maxiumum auto insurance policy.
State Auto
Geico allows you to easily submit claims through their website, and are quick to process your claims. You can also make a claim by calling them. I have always had excellent customer support from them.
Liberty Mutual
I do not like that everything is done over the phone or online. I like to have real interaction and be able to speak to someone in person.
Farm Bureau
I like that I can still talk to a person, not a machine. My agent also touches base with me at least once a year to review my policy and to see if he can save me money.
The Hartford
I chose this policy because the premium is the lowest for the same about of coverage. I have recently shopped around, and found this premium to be $30-$110 less a month than any other policy.
Safe Auto Insurance
The one time I needed to file a claim was for a hit and run on my parked car after normal business hours on a weekend. Every person I dealt with was extremely helpful and worked quickly to get our claim satisfied.
The Hartford
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Alfa Insurance
Everytime that i call the office my insurance agent is out of the office. I called on Monday and the receptionist told me that he would be out until Thursday. I called on Thursday at 8:30 am and the answering machine. I called back at 11:55 and again got the answering machine. I called back at 4:00 Someone was in the office with my insurance agent so i left a message for him to call me back. My insurance agent called back around 4:30 pm and said hey just calling you back trying to wrap up my day whats up. I ask for a quote on what my insurance would be for the next six months and he said ill be happy to look that up for you let me get back with you tomorrow. I am not very happy with this.
The Hartford
I have Progressive which I believe is a pretty popular company. The customer service is great.
Aarp Auto Insurance
They have a zero tolerance mentality and have no flexibility ..they are also rather rude and do not offer much information or explination on their decisions. they have had hours and are only accessible during standard business hours and lack a digital arm .
My wife has had several accidents that were not her fault at all. After we notify our insurance company they take care of everything.
Horace Mann
We are able to bundle our household policies. This qualifies us for a discount. If we were to shop for each policy individually it would be more expensive. It is much cheaper with the bundle.
I have a good auto policy but I don't think it is really any better than any other companies policy. It fulfills a need.
The General Auto Insurance
our company has a local office and is within 5 miles of our home. we can call and speak to our agent during the day. we also have his cell phone if we need him at night or after hours.
National General
Overall, the customer support is adequate. I wish that they had a live chat option on the website instead of just options to call (and wait on hold) or email them and sometimes wait too long for a response.
I have not had any bad experiences while with USAA. I've had some technical issues online, but when I call support they always fix my issue nearly immediately and are very competent.
Farm Bureau
So far there has been little to upset me. There were some initial communication issues but nothing too severe. Over all I can't complain.
It may be a little higher than other insurance companies but it is worth the price because it is quality and their service is great.
State Auto
I have only had to deal with them one time. The call was answered promptly and courteously. I was connected to the right person and was given great advice on how to deal with my claim.
Only thing I have to complain about is finding the right person for customer service. They have so many different departments, it can be confusing. However, they usually transfer me to the correct person, so it's not that much of an issue.
Alfa Insurance
I like everything about Travellers. I have no complaints at all and would reccomend them to everyone. My favorite thing about Travellers is the price but the customer service is a close second.
Aarp Auto Insurance
The premium for my insurance provider is not too expensive or very cheap. It is in the middle, so I don't have any complaints or overly positive feelings towards the premium.
Farm Bureau
When we checked around the premium seemed to be better than other companies we checked with so I am pretty satisfied with the premiums compared to other companies
I like that I can do all my insurance without having to talk with a live person or see someone in person. I can interact with customer support online and through the app and it can be done over text.
Root Car Insurance
the premiums are not outrageous, considering my wife and I have a total of four cars and four drivers we cover. 2 of the drivers are in their 20s and will soo drop off of our insurance.
I like Geico because of the ease of use.It's not hard to talk to a real person and the app is very easy to use. In my opinion most companies offer basically the same thing. Geico is however much cheaper than most companies I've searched.
Liberty Mutual
I really like the auto insurance policy includes more than the coverage for your vehicle, it also includes some additional benefits of some standard children and other optional
My insurance company for my vehicle is basic and they are a company that treats me fair but they also have a somewhat high premium. Though the coverage is good and I haven't had any major complaints
Alfa Insurance
The premiums with Geico are really affordable. I don't pay a lot every six months, and I have more than the minimum required coverage. It is cheaper while providing better coverage than the other major companies around.
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Putnam Car Insurance Rate Comparisons

Putnam, TX's average car insurance of $2130 differs from Abilene, TX (-$978), Moran, TX (-$30), Coleman, TX (-$969) and Texas (-$585)

Putnam Abilene, TX Moran, TX Coleman, TX Texas
Median Insurance Rates $2130 -$978 -$30 -$969 -$585

Putnam Car Insurance Savings By Neighborhood & Street Area

Putnam Driver Street Residence & Car Locations Car Details in Putnam Putnam Driver Demographics Putnam Auto Insurance Estimates Recent Putnam Insurance Savings
Other Area
W 10th St2000 Volkswagen Passat GLS V631 year man$2,576$883
Peach St2004 BMW 7 Series 745i19 year female teenager$5,474$418
College St2011 Ford Fiesta SE19 year teenager$4,116$711
N E 2nd St2007 Buick Lucerne CXL V664 year female senior$2,104$366
S W 8th St2009 Hyundai Santa Fe GLS45 year married man$2,447$983
E Cypress St2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT119 year male teenager$4,612$588
W 14th St2009 Mazda MAZDA6 s Touring50 year woman$1,871$505
Co Rd 4362010 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT62 year senior$2,189$317
Co Rd 4582012 Nissan Rogue S26 year married woman$1,840$708
Co Rd 4592011 Lincoln MKZ Base78 year male senior$2,504$771

Putnam Post DUI Car Insurance Rates

Putnam Rising Star Clyde Coleman Texas
Median Post DUI Insurance Rate $3961 -$55 -$18 -$1802 -$1088
Male Teenager Post DUI Insurance Rate $9032 -$127 -$43 -$4109 -$2482
Female Teenager Post DUI Insurance Rate $7566 -$106 -$35 -$3443 -$2079

The Post DUI insurance in Putnam, TX's is $3961 compared to Rising Star (-$55), Clyde (-$18), Coleman (-$1802) and Texas (-$1088)

In Putnam, a male teenager with Post DUI pays $1466 more than a female teenager Post DUI. For Example, a Male Teenager Post DUI with a 2011 Ford Fiesta SE in Putnam, TX would pay $8392 on auto insurance while a female teenager POST DUI would pay $7028.

Putnam Car Insurance by Segment

Putnam Teenagers Car Insurance Rates Comparison

Putnam Shackelford County Breckenridge Abilene Texas
All Teenagers $4430 -$62 -$1882 -$2034 -$1217
Male Teenager $4856 -$68 -$2063 -$2230 -$1334
Female Teenager $4068 -$57 -$1729 -$1868 -$1118

Putnam teenagers pay $4430 in insurance in contrast with Shackelford County (-$62), Breckenridge (-$1882), Abilene (-$2034) and Texas (-$1217). The difference between Male & Female teenagers in Putnam is $788


  • 2013 Toyota Prius c Three Male Teenager Insurance Rate $4,341
  • 2014 Kia Sorento LX Female Teenager Insurance Rate $3,544

Putnam Men & Women Car Insurance

Putnam Breckenridge Eastland County Callahan County Texas
All Women $2044 -$868 -$86 -$28 -$561
Married Women $1959 -$832 -$83 -$27 -$538
All Men $2747 -$1167 -$116 -$38 -$754
Married Men $2598 -$1104 -$110 -$36 -$714

The typical insurance rate of $2747 that Putnam Men pay varies from Breckenridge (-$1167), Eastland County (-$116), Callahan County (-$38) and Texas (-$754). In Putnam, married men pay $639 more than married women.


  • 2012 Chrysler 300 Limited Married Men Insurance Rate $2,199
  • 2011 Lexus ES 350 Base Married Women Insurance Rate $3,012

Putnam Senior Car Insurance

Putnam Stephens County Callahan County Eastland County Texas
All Seniors $2300 -$43 -$32 -$97 -$632
Senior Men $2406 -$45 -$33 -$101 -$661
Senior Women $2236 -$42 -$31 -$94 -$614

Putnam seniors pay $2300 in insurance compared to Stephens County (-$43), Callahan County (-$32), Eastland County (-$97) and Texas (-$632). In Putnam, senior men pay $170 more than senior women.

Putnam Car Insurance Discounts for Multiple Vehicles

Putnam Population with 1 Vehicle 11 (52% of Putnam population), 2 Vehicles 10 (48% of the Putnam population) and 3 vehicles 0 (0% of the population)

Putnam Stephens County May Baird Texas
2 Vehicles $4047 -$76 +$57 -$57 -$1111
3 Vehicles $6177 -$116 +$87 -$87 -$1696
4 Vehicles $8307 -$156 +$117 -$117 -$2281

Putnam Insurance Rates by Make

Putnam Audi Insurance

ModelsInsurance RateBrysonNewcastleHaskellTalpa

Putnam BMW Insurance

ModelsInsurance RateEarlyPalo Pinto CountyStrawnBaird
Z series$2590-$610-$880-$910-$930
6 series$4660-$1100-$1580-$1640-$1670
1 series$2450-$580-$830-$860-$880

Putnam Cadillac Insurance

ModelsInsurance RateRichland SpringsEola-Paint RockSagertonRising Star

Putnam Chevrolet Insurance

ModelsInsurance RateSweetwaterMilesLuedersMoran

Putnam Chrysler Insurance

ModelsInsurance RateMorgan Mill-Bluff DaleTrentMingusEastland

Putnam Ford Insurance

ModelsInsurance RateLake BrownwoodTrentTuscolaStephens County

Putnam Honda Insurance

ModelsInsurance RateWeatherfordBrownwoodJean-LovingStrawn

Putnam Kia Insurance

ModelsInsurance RateJim NedGrafordLake BrownwoodAspermont South

Putnam Mazda Insurance

ModelsInsurance RateTaylor CountyMcCaulleyBlackwellAspermont South

Putnam Nissan Insurance

ModelsInsurance RateRochelleTaylor CountyRangerRoscoe

Putnam Volkswagen Insurance

ModelsInsurance RateRangerRuleBuffalo GapBlackwell-Nolan