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$655 $1,194 $1,844

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I mean I am getting exactly what I pay for. Other companies may offer better coverage but I pay little and do not drive much
I have full coverage with a $500 deductible. My coverage is high on all aspects and it is very affordable.
Geico seems to have lower rates than other companies with the same coverage
good pricing, quick service
I like the fact that I can renew my policy, make any changes and file a claim online. I like that I can make my payment online at my convenience.
I have had no issues with my company. When I contact them I am pleased with the service.
It is not very personal, I don't know that we have an agent in town. I have only dealt with them online. Also. I have not had to file a claim so I don't know how that would go.
I like the fact that they save me a ton of money on my home and car insurance and bundle them and have easy payment options online
I haven't found anything that I dislike so far. I have not had to make a claim, but so far all seems well.
Liberty Mutual
I do not like your attention by phone, usually does not respond quickly, and your page does not have enough information
Mapfre Insurance
They give a lot more discounts - you do the drive test for a few days and then they discount based on your speed and braking; they give discounts for every year you stay with them; They have people on the phones 24/7 so you can always call and speak to someone. 1 I am completely satisfied with them.
The General Auto Insurance
Calls are answered almost immediately and the staff is always helpful. I can very easily access my documents an print a new insurance card.
I dislike the mass system you get thrown into when calling the main number. It is much more convenient to reach out to the local representative and have them do it for you. They get much better results.
National General
My company offers bundling for having home, car, renters, etc. insurance all through them. They also offer accident forgiveness for your first accident, and a shrinking deductible as you have accident free years with them. I like them.
State Farm
Only one time did an agent try and lowball a comprehensive claim about 20 years ago. It was the only time I didn't get 5 star service.
Farmer's Insurance
Assurant Specialty Property
The only thing I really dislike about them is that their web portal can be a bit slow and laggy, which can be a bit frustrating at times, but in the end it is a good service to use.
Aarp Auto Insurance
I like our company services, because our customer services can be given lot of facilities to our customer needs and it was very use full to every peoples.
My auto insurance provides superb 24 hour emergency services, even during late night calls, you can count on customer service to stay on the phone during the whole process.
Aarp Auto Insurance
Customer service is great the receptionist knows us and is very informative. If I ever have questions or issues someone always fixes it right away or calls me quickly with an explanation and a way to fix it
Farm Bureau
My car insurance company would not cover the complete cost of my car after it was considered a total loss after a hail damage claim I had submitted. Other providers would help replace the cost of the entire car.
The Hartford
The policy rates are notably higher than other offerings. In working with the local agent, I was able to reduce the cost by adjusting some features of the policy, but there is little ability to haggle.
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State Farm, Seattle, WA
$250/1 month
Car Insurance Policy Holder
  • Single 33 Years old Male licensed 15 years ago with Own 2012 Chrysler Intrepid used for Commute to Work or School with estimated annual mileage of 7,501 - 9,000.
  • bachelors degree & Full Time Job.
  • No accidents , No traffic tickets , No DUIs , No Licence suspensions .
Car Insurance Policy & Coverage Details:
  • 1 car insured & 1 person is part of this policy
  • Bundled Home & Auto Insurance with 5 to 10% discount
  • $$0 - $10,000K (Per Person Bodily Injury) / $$0 - $10,000K (Per Accident Bodily Injury)
  • $0 - $10,000 K Property Damage
  • $0 - $10,000 K Personal Injury Protection
  • $0 - $10,000 K Uninsured Motorists Bodily Injury
  • $0 - $10,000 K Uninsured Motorists Property Damage
State Farm Auto Insurance, Seattle, WA
$71/1 month
Car Insurance Policy Holder
  • Single 28 Years old Female licensed 8 years ago with Financed Dodge Durango Crew used for Business with estimated annual mileage of 15,001 - 20,000.
  • Bachelors & Full Time Job.
  • No accidents , No traffic tickets , No DUIs , No Licence suspensions .
Car Insurance Policy & Coverage Details:
  • 1 car insured & 1 person is part of this policy
  • Home and Auto insurance are from difference companies
  • $100K (Per Person Bodily Injury) / $200K (Per Accident Bodily Injury)
  • 10 K Property Damage
  • 300 K Personal Injury Protection
  • 25 K Uninsured Motorists Bodily Injury
  • 50 K Uninsured Motorists Property Damage

Seattle Car Insurance Rate Comparisons

Seattle, WA's average car insurance of $1194 differs from Bryn Mawr-Skyway, WA (-$144), Beaux Arts Village, WA (+$396), Eastgate, WA (+$496) and Washington (+$32)

Seattle Bryn Mawr-Skyway, WA Beaux Arts Village, WA Eastgate, WA Washington
Median Insurance Rates $1194 -$144 +$396 +$496 +$32

Seattle Car Insurance Savings By Neighborhood & Street Area

Seattle Driver Street Residence & Car Locations Car Details in Seattle Seattle Driver Demographics Seattle Auto Insurance Estimates Recent Seattle Insurance Savings
Lake Meridian Estates Mobile Home Park
SE 276th Way2007 Ford Fusion SE75 year male senior$1,100$524
118th Way SE2011 Volkswagen Jetta S26 year married woman$999$992
Pantera Lago Estates Mobile Home Park
95th Pl S2009 Chrysler 300 Touring26 year married man$1,388$618
105th Ct SE2006 Jeep Commander Limited70 year senior$1,073$644
21st Ave W2005 Buick Rendezvous CX18 year teenager$2,678$650
18th Ave W2012 Honda Civic LX19 year male teenager$2,755$940
Sound Vista Mobile Home Park
S 231st Pl2009 Mazda MAZDA3 s Touring16 year female teenager$2,476$808
S 228th Pl2010 Nissan Rogue S78 year female senior$1,233$962
Tamarack Dr S2007 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT33 year woman$1,049$685
S Andover St2011 Lincoln MKZ Base40 year man$1,708$599

Seattle Post DUI Car Insurance Rates

Seattle Hunts Point White Center Medina Washington
Median Post DUI Insurance Rate $2220 +$737 +$291 +$886 +$60
Male Teenager Post DUI Insurance Rate $5728 +$1901 +$750 +$2284 +$155
Female Teenager Post DUI Insurance Rate $4862 +$1614 +$636 +$1940 +$130

The Post DUI insurance in Seattle, WA's is $2220 compared to Hunts Point (+$737), White Center (+$291), Medina (+$886) and Washington (+$60)

In Seattle, a male teenager with Post DUI pays $866 more than a female teenager Post DUI. For Example, a Male Teenager Post DUI with a 2009 Chrysler 300 Touring in Seattle, WA would pay $5330 on auto insurance while a female teenager POST DUI would pay $4525.

Seattle Car Insurance by Segment

Seattle Teenagers Car Insurance Rates Comparison

53401 Seattle Teenagers (5% of total population), 50% Male & 50% Female.

Seattle Mercer Island Bellevue Clyde Hill Washington
All Teenagers $2889 +$15 -$286 +$1079 +$77
Male Teenager $3080 +$16 -$304 +$1151 +$83
Female Teenager $2614 +$14 -$258 +$977 +$70

Seattle teenagers pay $2889 in insurance in contrast with Mercer Island (+$15), Bellevue (-$286), Clyde Hill (+$1079) and Washington (+$77). The difference between Male & Female teenagers in Seattle is $466


  • 2007 Acura TSX Male Teenager Insurance Rate $2,990
  • 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Work Truck Female Teenager Insurance Rate $2,511

Seattle Men & Women Car Insurance

958823 Seattle Adults (100% of total population), 50% Men & 50% Women.

Seattle Beaux Arts Village SeaTac Southworth Washington
All Women $1110 +$368 +$154 -$4 +$30
Married Women $1062 +$353 +$148 -$3 +$29
All Men $1683 +$558 +$234 -$6 +$45
Married Men $1492 +$495 +$208 -$5 +$40

The typical insurance rate of $1683 that Seattle Men pay varies from Beaux Arts Village (+$558), SeaTac (+$234), Southworth (-$6) and Washington (+$45). In Seattle, married men pay $430 more than married women.


  • 2014 Kia Sorento LX Married Men Insurance Rate $1,468
  • 2013 Toyota Prius One Married Women Insurance Rate $1,370

Seattle Senior Car Insurance

158899 Seattle Seniors (16% of total population), 45% Senior Men & 55% Senior Women.

Seattle Clyde Hill Bellevue Normandy Park Washington
All Seniors $1253 +$469 -$124 +$94 +$34
Senior Men $1205 +$451 -$119 +$90 +$33
Senior Women $1289 +$482 -$127 +$96 +$35

Seattle seniors pay $1253 in insurance compared to Clyde Hill (+$469), Bellevue (-$124), Normandy Park (+$94) and Washington (+$34). In Seattle, senior men pay $84 less than senior women.

Seattle Car Insurance Discounts for Multiple Vehicles

Seattle Population with 1 Vehicle 167090 (40% of Seattle population), 2 Vehicles 133865 (32% of the Seattle population) and 3 vehicles 41899 (10% of the population)

Seattle Renton Mercer Island Newcastle Washington
2 Vehicles $2269 +$106 +$11 -$13 +$61
3 Vehicles $3463 +$162 +$17 -$20 +$93
4 Vehicles $4657 +$218 +$23 -$27 +$125

Car Insurance Agents in Seattle, WA

Rank Agent Name Agent Contact
1 360 Auto Body 13205 NE 124th St, Seattle, WA
2 AAA Insurance 1523 15th Ave W, Seattle, WA 98119
3 AAA Insurance 4734 42nd Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116
4 AAA Insurance 4554 9th Ave NE Ste 120, Seattle, WA 98105
5 Adams Insurance Agency 8613 35th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115
6 AGIC Insurance Agency 3301 S Norfolk St, Seattle, WA 98118
7 Aki's Body Shop 6218 15th Ave NW, Seattle, WA
8 Alaska USA Insurance Brokers 2401 4th Ave Ste 100, Seattle, WA 98121
9 Alexandre Lamberg 101 Nickerson St Ste 360, Seattle, WA 98109
10 Alliant Insurance Services 720 Olive Way Ste 1700, Seattle, WA 98101

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